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JW Sales serves as a manufacturers' representative for the trucking industry in Ontario.
My mandate is to stimulate product demand with end users and to establish a supporting distribution network.

Suppliers are represented with industry knowledge, experience and integrity. Through existing territory familiarity and established contacts, product exposure begins immediately. They receive excellent coverage of the territory at a fraction of the cost of a full time permanent employee.

For OEMS and Resellers, I am an industry consultant. JW Sales is an extension of my customers businesses.
As a Purchasing Agent, I negotiate the best deals.
As a Sales Representative, I bring new customers and opportunities.
As a Service Technician, I bring specific product and industry knowledge.

“You can’t be everything to everybody”.
However, by understanding customers’ needs, I help customers meet specific requirements relating to quality, pricing, delivery, or product support.

JW Sales was established in June of 2004.
The first two years of business were about acquiring new suppliers, pioneering new product lines and building customer relationships. In 2007, an alternative opportunity was explored but after a short disruption, things were fired up again in 2008.
At present, I am continuing to build on the success of established product lines while keeping a watchful eye for new opportunities worth investing.


Jeff Walker

Graduated in Aug. 1988 from “Industrial Management Technology” through Mohawk College. (Capitalizing on Engineering and Management strengths)

From 1989-2004, worked for three different companies serving the heavy duty trucking industry. Evolved from technical support into sales, marketing and management positions. Exposure to various product groups provided experience working with DC Electrics, Hydraulics, Metallurgy, Pneumatics, Chemical Products, and Mechanical Systems.

Skiing and golf rank as my current favorite sports. I am an honored inductee to the Mohawk College Hall of Fame for downhill skiing. Currently very active coaching special Olympic ski and baseball (Special Need Athletes). Through employment have traveled throughout most of North America and parts of Europe. My newest passion is learning guitar.

Manufacturers' Representative To The Ontario Trucking Industry